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Secret Enigma Box

bits original
Store your most treasured keepsakes in the secret compartment of this handcrafted rosewood puzzle box. Once you have unlocked the mystery of the box, do not give anyone else the "key" to opening it! Measures 6cm x 15cm x 7cm.

Secret Enigma Box

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Beautiful wood and brass.
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May 24, 2021  |  By Benji
This is a beautiful box. The wood finish and the brass are really nice, smooth, and weighty. The mechanism is a bit simple, although it can be a little hard to open at first, because the parts stick. Not much of a puzzle, but a fun place to hide a treasure.

Pretty, but not a real puzzle.
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Oct 18, 2020  |  By Zee63
The wood is beautiful. However, I was hoping for a box with numerous steps to open it, not pull a single pin out and find a drawer.

Great Gift Box - Beautiful Craftsmanship!
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Jun 3, 2018  |  By Anonymous
When I unwrapped the box to put the gift inside it was not evident how to ""open the box. The photos on the box did not help. I went on YouTube and a guy showed a video, but it was not evident either. So after playing with it a few times I realized that the box lid was really just opening the way any box should open it just has a firm lock and as the box said it the wood may have swelled during shipping causing the box to be a little more difficult to open. I just didn't want to break it but obviously it was just literally stuck so I need a bit more elbow grease to open it. Once I opened the lid, I pulled out the pin but the ""secret drawer"" did not just fall out as the video had said. I tried shaking it but it didn't open. Again, I think it was because of the wood swelling during shipping. So, I used the tip of my fingernail to open the draw and it easily slid out at that point. I played with it a few times. My suggestion to the manufacturer: Put the directions for opening the box on the outside of the box, not the inside. And, the silica gel packet did help but not enough so that the box didn't swell. Maybe consider putting a silica gel pack or two inside a plastic bag with the box sealed inside the plastic bag just before shipping to help keep the box from swelling.

Slide and Seek
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Feb 8, 2017  |  By Anonymous
I have one of these box's and it is looks like a solid piece of Wooden Block..


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